Our investigators had been involved in investigations on matters ranging from simple thefts to human trafficking and everything in between.

With ALL of us being former SAPS detectives we focus on investigations where the SAPS fails to meet the requirements of the general public and businesses.


Theft Investigations

Fraud Investigations

Murder Investigations

Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act


Will and Estate Investigations

Condictio Indebiti (Unjust Enrichment) Investigations

Investigations during Dissolutions/Divorces


Theft and related dishonesty investigations

Bribery and Corruption Investigations


Examining of test charts is done by a computer. There is absolutely no chance of human error or manipulation in this process.

Results are instantly available. The innocent can be cleared right-away and the focus can be shifted solely on the less innocent parties.

Welcome to the ONE-STOP investigating world of Willem van Romburgh and his associates.

South Africa today is flooded with a Private Investigator almost on every corner. Some of them are advertising their lengthy careers in the South African Police Services as the reason why the client should choose them.

Ironically most of them were never involved in investigations whilst working in the SAPS. Some of them are advertising their security background as their unique advantage. Unfortunately, the debate on which Private Investigation firm is the better option will continue for as long as there are humans on this earth.

The problem the general public faces is, what is commonly accepted in a criminal or civil court as evidence, might not be accepted in a disciplinary hearing and vice versa.

We know that you are wondering what makes us different…

Heading our team is Willem van Romburgh, an award-winning former SAPS investigator with more than 27 years of investigation experience. He has more than 18 years’ experience as a labour law specialist and is accredited with the AHI Employers Organisation to represent employers.

He counts amongst his clients state/semi state institutions, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, cellular service providers, fast-food establishments, logistics companies, abattoirs and farming concerns.

Completing the team is several former SAPS investigators with years and years of plain old-school SAPS investigation experience.


Our team consist of some of the best operators in the industry with proven SAPS investigation track records.

Our combined skills allow for one-stop solutions to all your needs. No bells and whistles. Just plain value for money service.

Our company DOES NOT provide any services related to:

  • Cheating spouses;
  • Finding missing persons, assets, etc.;
  • Custody of minors;
  • Surveillance, Bugging and Tracking Devices;
  • Obtaining cellphone and bank records illegally;
  • Security and/or risk management;
  • VIP Protection;

We ONLY focus on what we know best and unfortunately many times must refuse assignments if it does not fall within our range of services.



  • Criminal Investigations
  • Internal (Company) Investigations
  • Special Investigations


  • Voice Stress Analysis
  • Bio-Feedback Testing


  • Audits for Internal and Criminal Investigations
  • Audits in Divorce Matters
  • Audits in Dissolutions