A crime scene is any location that may be associated with a committed crime. Crime scenes contain physical evidence that is pertinent to a criminal investigation. This evidence is collected by crime scene investigators (CSIs) and law enforcement.

The location of a crime scene can be the place where the crime took place or can be any area that contains evidence from the crime itself. Scenes are not only limited to a location, but can be any person, place, or object associated with the criminal behaviours that occurred.

After a crime scene has been discovered, measures must be taken to secure and protect the scene from contamination. To maintain the integrity of the scene, law enforcement must take action to block off the surrounding area as well as keep track of who comes in and goes out. By taking these precautions, officers can ensure that evidence that is collected can be used in court. Evidence that has become contaminated, tampered with, or mistreated can pollute the scene and cause a case to be thrown out of court.From Wikipedia

i. It is a reality that ANYONE can become the victim of crime. Unfortunately, the SAPS in most cases are too busy or do not have the skills to properly protect a crime scene. From experience, we know that crime-scene management is the most important part of any investigation.

ii. An item removed from a crime scene could later be crucial in proving a crime or a version given by a victim. – We have over the years seen too many items disappearing from scenes with disastrous results on victims, who suddenly become perpetrators.

iii. Our Crime Scene Management Services Include:

1. Assistance to the Victims

2. Safeguarding of the scene to prevent unauthorised access – Please note that we are not the Police and we will never interfere with the SAPS duties or obstruct their work. Our service is to ensure the scene get protected and processed.

3. Photo/video recordings.

4. Arranging legal representation where required.

5. Obtaining details of witnesses or other role-players.

6. Event logging and record-keeping.