• Criminal Investigations:
    • Theft investigations
    • Fraud investigations
    • Murder investigations
    • Accident investigations
    • Damage to property investigations
    • Defamation to character investigations


  • Internal (Company) Investigations:
    • Theft and related dishonesty investigations
    • Misuse of assets / vehicles investigations
    • Bribery and corruption investigations


  • Special Investigations:
    • Covert investigations
      • Sting operations
      • Financial investigations
    • Investigations done to assist legal proceedings


  • Forensic Acquisitioning, Examination and Analysis of digital devices and data.This includes the recovery of lost / deleted / formatted data and partitions. Devices include Mobile Phones, PC’s, Laptops, Flash / Thumb Drives, CCTV Footage, Handheld Skimming Devices, Compromised Point-of-Sale (POS) Devices and High Tech Skimming Devices.


  • Other services include:
    • Real-Time plotting, tracing of mobile devices and suspects with digital programs
    • Link Analysis on acquired detailed billings, bank account printouts, etc.
    • Advanced online investigations into phishing, hacking and malware attacks. – The drafting of subpoenas that is used in this type of services, is dealt with in the legal services section
    • Malware investigations on computer and mobile devices


  • Audits for Internal and Criminal Investigations
  • Audits in Divorce Matters
  • Audits in Dissolutions


  • Voice Stress Analysis
    • This is our preferred method of truth verification
    • Developed by the US Government to use in the war on terror


  • Bio-Feedback Testing
    • If clients rather prefer this method, it can be provided by our outsourced service provider which has 20 years of experience


Although our main area of operation lies within the Western Cape, we will gladly accept assignments within other provinces of South Africa.